Here at IBREAM our mission, and our passion, is to protect endangered African mammals from extinction. This is a commitment we share with a number of other conservation groups who do wonderful and essential work in conserving the habitats of these precious species. By saving our target species, we assist in preserving the global biodiversity, and this is crucial for the long term existence of the planet and its people.

But although it complements the habitat conservation work being done, our approach is new and unique, and offers fresh hope to endangered African mammals.

We are a group of wildlife fanatics with a unique blend of expertise in conservation and reproductive biology, supported by an advisory board of internationally renowned scientists and conservationists.

Our goal is to use our expertise to first fully understand the reproductive biology of each endangered African mammalian species, then develop tools that will enable us to control and assist the reproduction of these endangered species. This will ensure that their gene pools can be replenished and maintained until the populations are able to support themselves naturally. Through our activities, we also set up local African educational programs  and assist in capacity building. This all enriches the African people.