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Background Information on the African Wild Dog

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Team members


Monique Paris

IBREAM Research Director


Femke Van den Berghe

IBREAM PhD Student, James Cook University

Damien Paris

James Cook University


Michael Briggs

African Predator Conservation Program (APCRO)


Wenche Farstad

IBREAM Advisory Board member, Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU)

Leanne Van der Weyde

Leanne Van der Weyde

IBREAM PhD Student, University of Western Australia

Alex Vergara-Lansdell

Alex Vergara-Lansdell

University of Cumbria

Zoltan Sarnyai

Zoltan Sarnyai

James Cook University

Andre Ganswindt

Andre Ganswindt

IBREAM Advisory Board member, University of Pretoria

Collaborators : Albuquerque BioPark Zoo, Topeka Zoological Park, Binder Park Zoo, Brookfield Zoo, Edinburgh Zoo, Colchester Zoo, Zoo Duisburg, Artis Zoo, Harnas Wildlife Foundation, West Midland Safari and Leisure Park, Oklahoma City Zoo, Port Lympne Wild Animal Park, The Wildt Breeding Centre, Kerkrade Zoo, Prof. Graeme Martin (University of Western Australia), Prof. Henk Bertschinger.

Captivity Studies Sponsors : University of Western Australia, IMV, James Cook University, EI Medical Imaging (USA).

In situ collaborators : Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park (Dave Druce).

Sponsors : Sophie Danforth Conservation Biology Fund, EI Medical Imaging, Fresno Chaffee Zoo, Morris Animal Foundation, Olympus, Roche.