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EI Medical helps IBREAM see better

EI Medical is a USA based company that develops portable ultrasound solutions since 1984.

They donated an Ibex® Pro portable ultrasound to IBREAM for its different projects. Initially, the machine assisted in the ongoing Pygmy hippopotamus project and the analysis of health problems found in pygmy hippo’s in Zoos.


Wombat Ultrasound

Wombat Ultrasound

Recently, it has also been a great help in the African wild dog project’s trip in the USA between May and October 2014.

Ibex Pro in action

Ibex Pro in action

The machine is light weight and combined with its performance makes it the perfect tool for these projects in the field or in the zoo based clinics.


Meerkat ultrasound


Cheetah pregnancy ultrasound

We would like to acknowledge our special partnership with EI Medical  and more specifically express our gratitude for the Ibex® Pro portable ultrasound that assists us a lot in all our projects.


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