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Report of the 2022 edition of the ‘’Hippo day’’

  The village of Paulé Oula, a locality located 11 km from the Taï National Park, hosted on Tuesday, May 24, 2022, the 2022 edition … Read more “Report of the 2022 edition of the ‘’Hippo day’’”

Pygmy Hippos

It’s not stress that kills us, it’s our reaction to it – Pia Riddell talks about her research on the African Wild Dog

 Read the latest about Pia’s research here

Australian Media pays attention to IBREAM

IBREAM’s Advisory Board member Damien Paris showcased the latest developments of the African wild dog project via the Australian media. Townsville 7 describes our work … Read more “Australian Media pays attention to IBREAM”

Prizes and Achievements

Professor Robert Millar 2018: The prestigious African Union (AU) Kwame Nkrumah award has been presented to Professor Robert Millar in recognition of his outstanding contribution … Read more “Prizes and Achievements”

EI Medical helps IBREAM see better

EI Medical is a USA based company that develops portable ultrasound solutions since 1984. They donated an Ibex® Pro portable ultrasound to IBREAM for its different … Read more “EI Medical helps IBREAM see better”

Fundraising to save the white Rhinos

Sriyukti Tirumala is a 5th grade student in Redmond, Washington, USA. She recently hosted a series of fundraising events to collect money to donate to … Read more “Fundraising to save the white Rhinos”

African wild dog project on TV

Dr. Damien Paris and Dr. Femke Van den Berghe, presently in Topeka for the African wild dog project, were invited to talk about it on … Read more “African wild dog project on TV”

The Kundudo feral horses of Ethiopia

Rescuing the gametes of the critically Kundudo feral horses of Ethiopia: an endeavour of our Ethiopian based partner, Professor Lemma working together with IBREAM to … Read more “The Kundudo feral horses of Ethiopia”

Ibream inspires illustrated book

I wish to thank Dr. Monique Paris for inviting me to contribute to this website and the wonderful work IBREAM is doing. When I first … Read more “Ibream inspires illustrated book”