The End: An Exciting Beginning!

Every project needs to end, including Annemieke’s involvement in our IBREAM rhino project, but the submission and subsequent acceptance of Annemieke’s Ph.D. thesis by the University of Western Australia in 2015 did not even slightly mean the end of her efforts to fight for the future of rhinos! After graduation, Annemieke was offered a position […]

Very sad news… One of our beloved Rhinos is no longer with us now

One of the rhinos that IBREAM monitored intensively in South Africa, Mohlaki (meaning “explorer, discoverer”) died unexpectedly. We are all very sad about this news, and hope that she didn’t’ suffer too long. It took a long time to find her carcass in the extremely rough terrain where she liked to live. The search is […]

White Rhino Research Update – Dec 2013

Rhino poaching in South Africa is increasing dramatically. The newly emerged belief amongst the people in several Asian countries that rhino horn can cure cancer has resulted in another mass increase in demand. Unfortunately it is these innocent creatures and their owners and caretakers in South Africa that suffer the consequences, while poachers keep scanning […]

Conservation update San Diego Zoo – Spring 2012

One step closer to solving a rhino reproductive mystery: Zoo diets for southern white rhinos may activate their estrogen receptors, so Dr. Christopher Tubbs at the San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research analyzes food extracts to compare them against wild diets. Researcher Annemieke van der Goot collects samples of spear grass from wild rhinos […]

White Rhino Research Update – March 2012

The first six months of collecting rhino data in the field are behind me and it has been a period full of challenges, adventures and surprises. In February one of my study females delivered a new calf. On one morning I saw her 3.5 year old male calf wandering around by himself on an open […]

White Rhino Research Update – Nov 2011

The fieldwork for the rhino project has begun. I am collecting samples from various females that range freely in a nature reserve in South Africa. Every day I go out into the field with my 4×4 vehicle to search for the rhinos. Often this includes following them on foot, tracing their footprints. Once I found […]

Rhino Ear Notching Video

This excellent video shows how ear notching, a procedure that helps identify individuals, is performed on Rhinos. This video and more can be found on the following website. Rhino Ear Notching from the following link on Vimeo.

White Rhino Research Update – March 2011

We have been analysing the reproductive biology of the Southern White Rhino in the wild at a nature reserve in South Africa to obtain vital data that will help in our efforts to overcome the problems seen in captive breeding of this species. Our researcher Annemieke van der Goot has published a research paper describing […]