Ethiopian Wolf Semen Banking Expedition 2014-2017

The Ethiopian Wolf is one of the most endangered animals in the world and found only in Ethiopia. Because of different endangering factors prevailing in the wolf habitat, this animal has attracted the interests of conservation groups around the world.

A Local Team of Ethiopian Vets Ready to Establish the Ethiopian Wolf Semen Bank

In August 2011, a first expedition to Ethiopia was carried out by IBREAM members to make a start with capacity building with a training workshop organized by Dr Paris (IBREAM) and carried out in Ethiopia by IBREAM’s Advisory Board member’s Dr Penfold (Director SEAZRC) and Professor Wenche Farstad (Norwegian School of Veterinary Sience). In July […]

Helping the world’s most endangered wolf species: Ethiopian Wolf

High up in the Bale Mountains at the altitude of 4300m a small population of Ethiopian wolves (Canis simensis) seek out their existence alongside an ever encroaching human population. A symbol of pride for Ethiopia, these wolves must share their wilderness habitat with a steadily growing human population that brings with them domestic dogs that […]

Home Sweet Home

Not all scientific research takes place in hi-tech laboratories. In the Bale mountains in Ethiopia, our researcher, Freya van Kesteren is living in a home-made tent, working at high altitude and walking many miles per day in her efforts to understand the reproductive biology of the Ethiopian Wolf. Freya spends from late August through to […]

Rabies Outbreak in the Ethiopian Highlands

Our field researcher in the Bale Mountains, Freya van Kesteren, has alerted the Ethiopian authorities to a fresh outbreak of Rabies, which has resulted in the loss of at least 8 Ethiopian Wolves from her study group alone. This is a tragic loss to this highly endangered African Mammal.