Pygmy Hippo Awareness Activities (2018) 

On Tuesday, May 29th, 2018, the 2018 edition of the Hippo day was organized in the village of Ponan, located at 4 km south of Taï. As usually, primary schools were at the heart of the event. Our strategy is that by creating nature awareness in the young generation, in time nature awareness will become one of the cultural elements of the local villages. Our activities focus on the Pygmy Hippo and this creates a positive attitude towards conswerving this endangered species in the rainforest. A total of 10 primary schools participated with more than 300 children






















As in previous years, several activities were organized inluding : 

– a quiz competition as well theatre performances

























– Sport competition. This year this consisted of a football tournament for boys and a handball tournament for girls 















The event received avid support of the administrative authorities, school authorities, park managers and community leaders. It is important that these activities can be continued also in coming Years to ensure that the positive attitude of local people towards conserving the natural world, and in particular the Pygmy Hippo’s is maintained.