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The Pygmy Hippo

Pygmy Hippos are elusive, solitary forest animals, listed as Endangered by IUCN. Their habitat has been eroded to such an extent that they are now restricted to just a 5,000 km² area of West Africa and in 1994 approximately 3000 animals were estimated to exist in the wild, although this is now...

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The Ethiopian Wolf

The Ethiopian Wolf is found only in the Ethiopian highlands, mainly the Bale Mountains and the Semien Mountains. As the top predator in these areas, it plays a vital role in the local ecosystem and references to it can be found in Ethiopian literature dating back to the 13th century. But this...

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The African wild dog

Approximately 6600 adult African wild dogs remain in the wild and this number continues to decline. However, not enough is known about the reproductive biology of the species to allow an effective program of assisted reproduction. IBREAM is researching African wild dog reproduction to help prevent the species from being lost forever.

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The African White Rhinoceros

The white rhino is facing a desperately uncertain future. Demand for its horn for use in traditional medicine is increasing which means that a white rhino is a valuable kill for poachers. This exerts huge pressure on the dwindling population, which is classified as “Near Threatened” on the...

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