Why your contribution to the IBREAM website is important

The role of the IBREAM website is to showcase IBREAM’s mission, work, and expertise to the world. The website will be viewed by many people who are important to the organization’s future success; potential donors (large and small), funding body representatives, government representatives, peers and so on. Therefore it is essential that we all play our part in making the IBREAM website a success.

Our aim is to create a vibrant website that will keep people interested in and informed about the work of IBREAM and the field of wildlife conservation in general. This will help to establish us as credible experts in our field, but also allow the website to serve as an information hub for people who are passionate about wildlife conservation.

We would like each person who is involved with IBREAM to consider contributing at least one article per month to the website. This might sound

your research

  • interesting aspects of your everyday working life
  • the species you are working on
  • the parts of the world you are working in
  • interesting news items from other websites that are directly related to IBREAM’s work
  • Talking about your research
  • Remember that the vast majority
  • Articles need not take a long time