Hippo Day Report 2017

As part of raising awareness, the Taï hippo project was organized for May 19, 2017 as “Hippo day 2017.” Since 2014, celebration of this day was suspended because of the Ebola crisis that was rife in Liberia. Taï is one of closest towns at the border of Côte d’Ivoire-Liberia. Thanks to the end of this health crisis, we have revived that conservation celebration day that the community (mainly children) expected. The activities of Hippo day 2017 were:

1) A parade of >300 schoolchildren with a banner in the city of Taï

2) Videos highlighting the importance of conserving the pygmy hippo followed by a session of Q&A

During the afternoon, all decision-makers in the city of Taï led by the governor responded favourably to participate in celebrations around sporting activities. After a sensitization session conducted by the Hippo project team and support messages from local authorities, children from 6 schools participated in a sports session. Finally, winners were rewarded and the best drawings of hippos by children were selected.

It was a happy gathering of children around the conservation topic of the pygmy hippopotamus. The Head of School and governors of the Taï area urged that Hippo Day 2018 should also be successful.

Our sincere thanks go to Hayley Smith and Robert Hawthorne, for their valued support of Hippo Day 2017.